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Help Grow a Library for Children in Rural India:

Do you ever get lost in books? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share that gift with children who have limited or no access to books because of limited resources? We at For All Our Kids have an opportunity for you to help share books with children in rural parts of India.


  1. Read a book.
  2. Think critically about the story or the information contained in the book.
    • What was the book about?
    • What happened in the story?
    • What did you like or dislike about the events in the story?
    • Why did the characters do what they did?
    • Where and when did it happen? Would the events in the story be different if they happened at another time or place? How?
    • Has something similar happened in your life or in the life of someone you know?
    • How did you or they handle the problem?
    • Did you agree or disagree with the author? Why?
    • Did something in the story bother you? What bothered you? Why?
    • If you could change something in the story, what would you change?
  3. Finally, write a book report with a summary of the story and answers to the questions above. You do not have to limit yourself to the questions above. You can add other details to your book report. Please include an illustration to go with your book report. The picture must be your own creative work.

Word Limit:

  1. Grade 1-3: 100-200 words
  2. Grade 4-6: 300-400 words
  3. Grade7-12: 500 words or more.


All submissions received by the last day of each month will be published on the 5th of the following month. For instance, if you send in your book report by the 31st of January, we will publish it on the 5th of February. As this is an ongoing project, send in as many book reports as you would like.

Send your submissions to

What will For All Our Kids do? We will donate a book to help create a library for children with limited access to books for every book report we receive. We are finalizing three rural towns or villages in India where we will help create a library this year. For All Our Kids will announce the names of the towns/villages in April. Our goal is to create many small libraries in every state in India. We encourage you to participate actively to share the gift of reading with other children.

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