The True Story of the Saber Tooth Cat

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Children's illustrations

By Jyoti S.

Once upon a time, there lived a huge cat. It was called the saber tooth cat. There was a mom saber tooth cat, a dad saber tooth cat and two cubs. There names were Goldy and Dimend. It was just the right temperature-it was cold. There home was in the ice age. The cubs played with their friends.
Then one day something hapened. Humans came!!! It got warmer each day! All the adults fought the humans. But the parents died. Then Dimend hid in the bushes. In the bushes there was snow!
But the other cubs went to fite, iven goldy.
But they also died and vent extinct. But not really! Dimend was still alive. So she ate and slept, ate and slept.
Then one month later, Dimend was an adult! And now she was ready to fite the humens!!!
Then she killed one, then three. The other two humans ran away!
Then Dimend lived happily ever after.

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