The Class Topper

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By Alisha Maindola

Once upon a time, there was a 7-year-old girl Alisha. She was bright and a brilliant student and an apple of an eye to her teachers. She was always busy in co- curricular activities and often missed her subject classes due to her busy rehearsal schedule. She was bringing laurels to her school in every competition she was into but got a shock of her life when her exam results were declared. She wasn’t in the top five students in the class whereas she was always under the impression that she is going to be a Topper as she was studious and scored exceptionally well in the exams. The results broke her spirit as she didn’t top in the class.

A week after her results, Alisha’s mother asked her why she is no longer showing interest in the studies. “Mom what is the point of studying so hard when I am not even in top five, forget about being a Topper,” says Alisha with moist eyes.

“No baby, you are better than all the toppers which are just into studies and not enjoying their student life. You are having fun with your studies. You are into your personality development. See the kind of stage confidence you have. Everyone in theschool knows who Alisha is. Toppers get changed every year, but an all-rounder student remains star until she is a part of the school. The kind of experience you are gaining being into public speaking, music, sports, dance and dramatics will remain with you forever. You would have so much to remember about your school life when you’d be old, but the toppers will have nothing to remember except their marks. Your experience will nurture you for your lifetime. It’s so good you are so well in the studies as well. Just do everything wholeheartedly like you have been doing,” says her mom.

Alisha felt better and had her favourite ice cream. After a few months, she gave her Annual exams with her fighting spirit and ranked 3rd in the class. In that year, she won 1 state-level competition, 3 inter-school contests, 2 Olympiad Medals, and, stood 1st in all the class events and activities.

Afterwards, her confidence was something worth seeing. She is still doing her best in the class and determines to be the best version of herself with each passing year.

Moral: Never stop doing your best. Marks can decide a class Topper but a person who excel in everything top the exams of life.

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