Who Moved my Cheese?

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Dr. Spencer Johnson
Book Review By: Daksh Goel
Class: 6

I chose this book because there will be many changes in our life and in our work. Because of COVID 19, there was a huge change in our lives. When I was talking to my parent about COVID 19 and the change in our lives, my father suggested me to read this book. It has all about changes and how we can face it. When I saw the title of the book, I had no idea how this book is connected to changes. I thought it was a book about food. When I started reading the book, it turned out to be a story of a change happening in the life of characters. I want to be ready for all the future changes in my life.

This book is about two little people who realize that their cheese block is getting used up sooner than they realized and unless they find new cheese blocks, they will not be able to live. The story uses a simple cheese block to demonstrate that nothing is permanent in this world, except for change.

My favorite character in the story is “Haw” the little people. He accepted the change and got ready to move ahead. He told Hem “If You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct.” Haw did not give up until he found more cheese and succeed.

There are many things I learned from this book. They are anticipating change, adapt to change quickly, enjoy change and be ready to change quickly, again and again.

I have some suggestions which could make the book more interesting and attractive. The book could have some pictures, it could be a little funnier, the font could be little big, and it could be colorful.

The book is written in a simple language and is suitable for all age groups. The book had such a good impact on me that I had a dream of being one of the characters that night when I completed reading the book. 9.5/10 is my rating of the book.

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