Princess Mirror-Belle

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Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Lydia Monks
Book Review By: Oviya Prasanna
Class: 6

Ellen was a little girl who had chickenpox. Her mother was a piano teacher. She teaches Mrs. Foster Smith. One day her mother told her to read a story because Mrs. Foster Smith came to learn piano from Ellen’s mother. Ellen took a book full of princesses’ stories after reading a few pages she went to the bathroom and checked in the mirror how many spots she had now. She saw a new spot appear in the middle of her nose. Suddenly her mirror spoke “I have never seen a bad case of dragon pox.” Ellen was surprised she replied, “It’s chickenpox, not dragon pox.” Soon she learned that it was not her reflection but it was Princess Mirror-Belle.

Princess Mirror-Belle was very naughty. She turned on the taps. Ellen asked what Princess Mirror-Belle was doing in reply she said “Getting the cure ready.” Ellen asked what cure it was? Princess Mirror-Belle said it was the cure for dragon pox. At first, Ellen did nothing but watch her put the bottle of bubble bath into the water. Soon Ellen also joined Princess Mirror-Belle and helped her and the bathroom got messy. Princess Mirror-Belle said “Stage 2 begins,” then she wrapped Ellen using the toilet paper and told Ellen to count to 100. When Ellen finished counting she called out to Princess Mirror-Belle because she was tangled but Princess Mirror-Belle was not there. Poor Ellen got in a big mess.  Read the story to join the mischievous adventure with Ellen and Princess Mirror-Belle.

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