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The rain fell like sharp needles. King Vikramaditya held his hand up to his forehead to protect his eyes. His clothes clung to his body, and his feet slid as he stepped into the puddles. But He had not become a king by shying away from his commitments. So Vikram put one foot in front of the other and stomped his way through to the peepal tree.

Water ran down the skull, its eery grin leering at him. But Vikram had learned to ignore all these visions. He put the corpse on his shoulder and turned towards the waiting soldiers. And then he waited!

He did not have to wait long, for just a few minutes later, the Betaal began.

Well, My king, what does the hermit want with me? Am I to do his work for him? Or run some errands for you? For him? Does he need me to frighten an unsuspecting human? Shouldn’t he send you to fight him instead? What if I do something that you don’t want me to do? Shouldn’t you learn to do your work instead? Let me tell you the story where the spirit did the job, and yet the person lost out.

Listen and Enjoy!

The Magic Box

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