The Dragonet Prophecy

Book Review by children
Author: Tui T. Sutherland
Review by: V. Sahana
Grade: 4

I read the book called The Dragonet Prophecy. It is the first book in the Wings of Fire series. If you like dragons then you will like this series very much.

The book is about a Mudwing dragon named Clay. His friends names are Glory, Tsunami, Starflight and Sunny. Clay and his friends were born under a mountain with no sun! There was just a skyhole but it was too small for them to escape. They have three gardiens-Dune, Webs and Kestrel. Kestrel was going to kill Glory but the others want to save her.

Later the dragonets were captchered by the queen of the Skywings. Skywings are super fast dragons and breath hottest fire. After they were captchered, Clay and his friends had to fight in an arena. An arena is a place where you fight with others and there’s a crowd watching you.When they were fighting, they figured out that Clay was immune to fire and that Glory had venom spitting teeth.

Let me tell you about the five Dragonets:

Clay is a Mudwing and he is always hungry. Tsunami is a Seawing. Sunny is a Sandwing with no venomus barb tail but no one cares anymore. She doesn’t have the barb because she is half Nightwing and half Sandwing. Her father Stonemover is a Nightwing, but her mother Thorn is a Sandwing. Starflight is a good smart Nightwing. He is smarter than all the other four dragonets and he loves to read scrolls. Scrolls are books but not like the ones we have. The storys and other stuff are on just one piece of specal paper.

My favourite part is when Clay and his friends escape from the Sky kingdom. And it has a great happy ending too. You have to read the book to figure out what happens.

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