The Time Machine

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: H. G. Wells
Book Review By: Sanchi Bansal
Class: 8

The story’s basic plot revolves around a Victorian scientist who claims that he can make a device that can travel through time stating that duration is the fourth dimension of anything.

In the introduction, he shares his theories with his guests at the dinner party including the narrator. He gains success in inventing a time machine and claimed next week that he traveled through time. The rest of the story is about the time traveler recalling his adventures to the guests. That morning he went eight hundred and two thousand seven hundred ahead in the future and describes that he met small innocent people called Elois, he also met an Elo named Weena. After a day, his time machine vanished from the spot and he met Morlocks who took it. They created havoc but he manages to leap on the time machine and reaches much later on an alien planet. Further, the narrator returns to the time traveler finding him with a camera and a knapsack setting off again to explore time, he observes the Machine disappear in a blur and reports that the time traveler has not been seen since.


Narrator WeenaTime travellerWeenaEloi & Morlocks
Friend of the time traveler
Observational learner
Child like
Intimate companionship
Future humans
Morlocks- Ape like
Elois- Childish and innocent

The book begins in late 19th century London, specifically, in the Time Traveler’s home in Richmond, a borough on the Thames River, on the outskirts of London. In the house of the time traveller which is the main setting including the dining room, fire place, laboratory etc. In the year 802701, sphinx gardens, derelict buildings, circular wells and everything else went back to nature. And the third setting is the alien-like world and the Thames valley is now a desolate beach with an aging ocean with large white butterflies and crab-like creatures.

This science fiction conveys many themes like science, technology, modernization, development, innovation etc. Throughout the novel themes like Inequality and social class, technology and progress, Nature, Humans, Fear and Kindness are focused to connect this friction with real life. The novel focuses on the theme time and showing the human scale through the imaginations of the future world and the figurative imagery. Wells has used good amount of vocabulary and detailed descriptions to achieve the attention and goal to let the reader imagine the story. The story is told in a second hand account yet the narrator lets the time traveller explain the entire story which appears to be in first person.


  • It has engaging descriptions .
  • It has an interesting and swift story.
  • It teaches us that We should learn from the past, work in the present to succeed in the future.
  • It lets the reader imagine and form imagery easily.
  • This book is like a world of imaginations.

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