The Monsoon is Here!

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Rama Sundaramurthy
Illustrator: Mona Rauf
Book Review By: Monica Ray
Class: 6

The book is full of a girl’s imagination and her interest in seeing the monsoon and what she thinks about the weather. It is easy to read. So kids can read it easily.
Why imagination skills are developed. Because every line we read makes us think about how it happens like a short screenplay.

Although I have many options to read books the major reason to choose the book is the title. it was very very attractive. But the outer cover was simple but when I saw and read the book I was mesmerized. And this says the proverb “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER.”
I enjoyed reading the story it was short but the content that it carries is wonderful.

There are three characters
▪︎  Mangai
▪︎  Mangai’s sister, and
▪︎  Her mother
She is a little girl but her imagination is big.
“Is the coconut leaves sweeping the sky?
Should the grey cloud have to catch a school bus too?
Big drops of water draw kolam dots on the ground.”

I would surely recommend this book “The Monsoon Is Here” because it develops our imagination skills. And I promise that the kids will surely enjoy it.
I love the story 📖 book. 

If you didn’t read it just go and click and start to read.

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