The Dark Sky

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Children's art work

By Aditi Sahu

Once upon a time there was a unicorn family. The mother’s name is Marigold. The father’s name is Nick and the daughter’s name is Princess Sophia, because they are a royal family!

They live in a beautiful castle with a bridge. Under the bridge is sparkling water! There the weather is not too hot or not too cold. It was just sunny!! There the weather never changed ether.

One day, it turned dark, very dark! All of the unicorns where very confused what was happening. So one of the unicorn solgers went to the royal palac and told the King and Queen what was happening outside. When they heard this, they were also confused why it was happening. So they went outside to look.

They saw two unicorns drinking the sparkling water from under the bridge! SO they ran to the two unicorns and said,

“Do not drink that water.!!”

The two unicorns went away. The sky started turning normal and everybody started cheering for the royal family!!

The End.

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