The Girl who Never Made Mistakes

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Author: Gary Rubenstein & Mark Pett
Illustrator: Mark Pett
Book Review By: Sahana
Grade: 3

I read a book called The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. The book is about a girl named Beatrice who never ever made mistakes, not iven one mistake! She never wore missmach socks and she put on the shoes on the right feet. And she never forgot to give her pet hamster Humbert his fevoret food broccoli. Also when she made a sandwich for her brother Carl’s lunch she used exactly the same amount of peanut butter as jelly.

But her brother Carl loved to make mistakes! He ate his crayons and he drew with his green beans. he also played the piano with his feet.

One day at her school, they had a talent show and when it was Beatrice’s tern, she waited till the music started. Then she started juggling. The crowd clapped and jierd. but then she rialised that she wasn’t holding salt, she was holding peper because the specks were blach, not white.

Then Humbert sneezed and the water balloon popped. And that was Beatrice’s first big mistake! But she didn’t cry or run off the stage. She just started laughing! After she laughed the crowd started laughing!! And oh, now on she was not called the girl who never made mistakes. She was just called Beatrice!

I sometimes make mistakes too, like I forgot to clean up after breakfast and made a mistake in addishun. It is ok if we are not perfekt. If we make mistakes then we can praktise and get better.

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