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Children's Book Reviews
Author & Illustrator: William Steig
Book Review By: Riadin Jesiel. R
Class: 4

This book was written by  WILLIAM STEIG in the year 1990 and retold by DreamWorks in a movie and then to paperwork.

Shrek is an ogre. Do you know how Shrek looks? Green ugly looking human giant. Yet, he is kind by heart and never bothered how people treat him. Here, inner beauty is far more important than the appearance.  People always take one look at him and go “Ah! Help! Run! Run….” He never try to find acceptance among others.

House by a Swampy place and a talking donkey are all he had. The talking donkey is the fun filled character of the story. No matter how hard life looks Shrek kept moving. On threat and promise of an uninvited Lord Farquaad, Shrek accepted to rescue cursed Princess Fiona from a dragon castle. The castle was over a rocky mountain with blazing fire, guarded by a dragon.  

Will he rescue her, break her curse and get into a better life? Will the ending be a fairy tale happily forever- unfold in this little book? Reading this book make feel one being different is a gift of the nature. Also, one must love and believe in self.  One of the best books to be read by all ages.

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