Paws off, Cheddarface!

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Elisabetta Dami
Illustrator: Larry keys
Book Review By: Rachel Rebello
Class: 4

This book is an amazing book. This is really an awesome informative book. This book is about a famous rodent named Geronimo Stilton. You should read this book as there are a lot of twists and turns in the book.

The setting is in the Rodent’s Gazette.

There are many characters in the story but what I found intriguing was that it was extremely exciting as there was really a terrible start in the beginning and the story ended with a really fascinating ending.

The start was bad because of a rodent who was similar to Geronimo Stilton and they looked like two peas in a pod.  The fake Geronimo made the real Geronimo’s life miserable. He was disguised as Geronimo which in turn made his own sister believe that he was the real one. 

I liked the book as the twist was interesting. The book is appropriate for children as it teaches children a lot of good values and to keep trying till you succeed. The book is remarkable and it is very nicely written and it has got a good vocabulary in it.

I highly recommend it to everyone.

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