The Secret Island

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Children's Book reviews
Author: Enid Blyton
Book Review By: Harshvardhan Joshi

My book’s name is The Secret Island. This book is the first book of the series “The Secret Stories”. The author of this book is Enid Blyton.

In this book, there are three children Mike, Peggy, Nora, and their best friend Jack who run away from their horrid aunt and uncle. They stay on a secret island for a long period of time.

The  funniest part of the story was when Daisy the cow moos and the travellers run thinking there is a monster on the island. The part I didn’t like in the story is when the children are scolded by their aunt and uncle without any reason and treat them as child labour.

The person I like the most in the story is Jack. He is adventurous and knows many things about camping. He always has many plans and hideout places when they are in trouble.

I recommend this book as it tells us how to face problems in our life and teaches us a lot about camping. I would have liked this book to have illustrations, though, to make reading it more fun.

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