Mohinder’s War

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Author: Bali Rai
Book Review By: Arunima Tilak
Grade: 8

Mohinder’s War is a story set in World War II. It is a story by the British author Bali Rai. Many Indians fought for the British in World War II. Mohindar’s war is a story about one Indian who became a pilot with the Royal Air Force at that time.

Mohinder is a young Sikh pilot who goes to England and joins the Royal Air Force. His plane crashes over a small village in France. Luckily Mohinder jumps out before the plane crashes.

Joelle is a thirteen year old girl who lives in the village. She goes out to explore when she hears the crash and sees many Germans searching near the plane. Later, Joelle finds Mohinder hiding amongst the trees and leaves. She tells her parents and they help Mohinder into the house and hide him.

Joelle’s mother and father belong to the French resistance. Even though it is very dangerous, they hide other rebels from the Germans. Joelle and Mohinder become good friends, but he is worried about putting them in danger because the Germans are still looking for him. One day what he fears happens! Someone betrays Joelle’s parents! Now Mohinder has to rescue Joelle. 

This book fascinated me because I had learnt about Indians fighting in the British forces but only from textbooks. There are so many things Joelle learns from Mohinder, like his long hair, and about Sikhism. Now, it is not unique to learn about Indians because we are everywhere. But in those days, it must have been very hard for the Indians because they were fighting a war and because they must have been so different from the others in the army or air force. Joelle tells the story, and you get a picture of how difficult it must have been during the war. Even though it is a story about bravery, it also shows the cruel side of war. You realise that to avoid more wars, we must work for peace.

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