James and the Giant Peach

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Book reviews by children
Author: Roald Dahl
Book Review by: Vinitha Vyas
Grade: 4

I read James and the Giant Peach. In the story, a seven year old boy James lives with his two aunts. They are very mean to him and his life is very sad. His parents are dead because a rhino attacked them and ate them! One day, a man gives James some magic crystals and he drops them on a peach tree. The peach on the tree grows very big. James can’t go to see it because his aunts won’t let him go near the tree. Then one day when he is cleaning up near the the tree, he sees a tunnel in the peach. James is very curious and he walks into the peach. Inside, he meets a centipede, a spider, a grasshopper, a ladybug, an earthworm, a glowworm and silkworm.

The peach comes off the tree and goes rolling away. It goes into the water. James and all his friends find out a way to make the peach fly. The peach goes to America and stops on the Empire State Building. Then James comes and tells his story to everyone.

I was surprised that the rhinocerous attacked James’s parents. They are dangerous animals but they don’t really eat humans. I like how the animals all worked together to make the peach fly. It would be cool if we can all fly like that in different fruits. Even if it was not to go so far away!

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