The Lion’s Feast

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children's books by indian authors
Author: Lavanya Karthik
Illustrations: Chetan Sharma
Book Review By: Sahana
Grade: 3

I read a book called The Lion’s Feast. It was about a lion that didn’t eat in a long time.

Two old people were walking back from the market. The lion asked the old people to give him some of there food. The old people said that they had all the things to make dosa, chutney and sambhar. They told him they will go to their home and make dosa for the lion. The lion said if you don’t make it for my feast, I will eat you!

What happened is that the two old people went home and got dosa, chutuny and sambar ready for the lion. But they were also hungry and it smelld so good. So they tried a little bit and then a little more and ate it all up.

When the lion came to eat, the woman hid in the closet and the man inside the rice pot. He tried to find them. He looked in the closet but he smelld the moth balls. He looked in the rice pot but he didn’t like rice. So he didn’t check properly. He couldn’t find the two old people and went away.

The man came out and he burped. The lion heard him. The story has two endings. If you want to know what happens next and if you don’t want to know. You have to read the book to find out. It is funny!

I like to eat dosa too. I don’t like chutuny or sambar. I like dosa with butter instead.

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