Martha Blah Blah

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book review by kids
Author: Susan Meddaugh
Book Review By Rajini. G
Grade: 5

Martha is a dog. She drank letter soup. Then she started to speak. Everyone liked Martha.

The letter soup company had tooked 13 letters from the soup. When Martha drank the soup now, she can’t speak!

Martha felt bad and went out. When she was walking, she smells the letter soup. She drank the soup and finded she could talk. Martha went to the company and searched for the cheef. She scared the cheef and said, “Put all the letters in the soup.” The cheef said, “Yes.” Now Martha drank the real soup everyday and became very famous in the city.

I liked the book because it is funny. My mother told me, when I was a baby, I ate my favourite porridge and said “amma’ for the first time. It is like Martha drinking soup and talking.

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