Rapunzel vs. Frankenstein: A Graphic Novel (Far Out Fairy Tales)

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Book Review by children
Author: Martin Powell
Book Review By: Jyoti. S
Grade: 3

I read a book called Rapunzel and the Clay Monster. It is not the same Rapunzel from fairy tales.

The book was about a man named Frankenstein. Frankenstein was making an invenshen out of clay. When  a huge lightning came inside the house the lightning made Rapunzel’s hair alive. It made Frankenstein’s invenshen alive too. And so he named his invenshen a clay monster.

The thing I like about the book is the clay monster because he is so cute. And the thing I don’t like about the book is that the villagers are not nice to the clay monster at first.

My favorite part is when the villegers, Rapunzel and the clay monster work together after the vilig is destroyed. I like to keep my hair long, just like Rapunzel keeps hers.

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