Harry Potter Series

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: J.K. Rowling
Book Review By: Sreepad S
Class: 6

Harry Potter book series is the best book I’ve ever read. It is a good book if you are into reading books. I started reading comics. I did not like more words but, I did like more pictures. In Harry Potter there are no pictures but, 350+ pages. I started reading, I imagined the characters in it, gave them a face in my mind and got into the book. I like the twists and turns in it. I liked the way it ended. It has every emotions that a book can have like- tragedy, happiness, angriness and cuteness. The story is about a boy called Harry James Potter who lived uncomfortably with his aunt, uncle and his cousin but, he turns out to be a wizard. Then, it’s all about wizardry. The characters are clearly different from the way we imagined a wizard to be. The story is very long. The story ended with seven books but, it turns out there are more books coming because, the eighth book just released in 2021. It might be hard to start reading the Harry Potter series especially if you are a beginner at reading because, it has many pages and no pictures but, if you quit reading this that will be a big loss. I didn’t understand why the author of this book, J. K Rowling has a net worth of 1 billion dollar but, when I read the book once, I felt like 1 billion isn’t enough for Rowling.

I really recommend this book for everyone, because this will be the best adventure you’ll witness. The characters were designed great too because, there are different kinds of them in the book, like the adorable house elf Dobby, scared Draco, brave Harry, top in class Hermoine, true friend Ron, powerful villain Lord Voldemort and many more. The way Rowling wrote it is incredible once you really get into the book. Each book is way better than the other. I like this book because, of the story in it. That’s the best thing I like about in this book, the story. I can’t wait to read the eighth book and see how the story continues, I bet it’s going to be awesome and all I got to say is, don’t skip this book…

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