Buzz Beaker

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Book reviews by children
Author: Caril Meister
Book Review By: Jyoti. S
Grade: 3

I read a book named Buzz Beaker. The book Buzz is about a yong boy named Buzz.

Buzz also likes to invent stuff!! There are a lot of his inventions that go rong but he fixes it. He doesn’t do it all alone. He has some help from his pet dog and dad and friends. His dog’s name is Dozzy and his friend’s name is Henry. The last helper is his dad and his name is Dr. Frankanstin.

They all help Buzz try out his invenshen first and then they use it if it works. If the invenshen doesn’t work, then he macks another one. That’s what the story Buzz is about!!!

If I were an inventer like Buzz I would invent a time mashin so I can save all the animals in past and bring them so they won’t be extint!! I would bring back the dodo birds, saber tooth cats, the huge woolly mammaths and even dinosors!

What do you want to invent?

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