The Life of Riley: Beginner’s Luck

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Books reviews by children
Author: Simon James Green
Illustrator: Aleksei Bitskoff
Book Review By Saravanan Kumar
Grade: 4

The book is a very funny book about a ten year old boy Riley. When he goes to a fair with his mother, the boy visits a fortune teller. He has many accidents there and the fortune teller becomes angry and puts a curse on him.

From that time onwards, Riley has a lot of bad luck. Things are always happening to him like when he is stuck to his classmates with super glue. He even goes to the bathroom when he is on stage! Even though Riley doesn’t do all these things on purpose, he gets into a lot of trouble.

There is a new boy in his class called Brad. Brad is very nice and wants to be Riley’s friend. He likes that all these crazy things that happen to Riley. Riley wants all the bad luck to stop and they do stop when he is with Brad.

The book made me laugh a lot. It is very hard for kids when embarrassing things happen; many crazy things happen even in our school. The pictures are also funny!  I thought Brad and Riley’s friendship is a little like my friend and me. We are also very different. I like books and art, but he likes cricket.

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