Alice in Wonderland

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Lewis Carrol
Book Review By: Adeline Chrisha Wester
Class: 4

The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland is available in my school digital library and I had the opportunity to read it. It is a 105 page book written by Lewis Carroll and illustrated by John Tenniel in the year 1865.

This story starts with Alice, who is bored in the garden with her sister. When she tried to doze off, she saw a rabbit, who uttered, “I’m so late”. She followed the rabbit as it rushed inside a big hole. Accidentally, she fell down slowly into the rabbit hole and reached its deep end. She was astonished to see a long hall with many doors. A tiny golden key was there on a three legged table. None of the doors fit the key. Suddenly she found a little door that perfectly fit the key. When she opened she saw a beautiful garden. She wished to go, but as she was too big she could not go in. She looked around and saw a bottle that said, ‘DRINK ME’ and then drank it.

She became small now and was in the right size to enter the door, but she forgot the little golden key on the table. She saw a small cake that said, ‘EAT ME’. She ate and became too big and could not enter the tiny door. Tears started rolling down her eyes that formed a pool around her. She started to sink in her pool of tears as her height suddenly dropped to 2 feet. She began swimming in the pool of tears and was disappointed to make this pool. In the pool she met a mouse and many birds that fell inside. They found their way out and the adventure continued.

She went into a forest where she saw a large blue caterpillar sitting on a mushroom smoking hookah.Then she saw the duchess and a Cheshire Cat, the King and the Queen of hearts playing croquet, a mock turtle and a Griphon, finally the judgement of the knave who was blamed for having stolen the tarts prepared by the queen of hearts.

When the queen of hearts screamed, ‘Off with her head, Off with her head’ Alice realized all this was a dream. Alice’s sister woke her up and said you were in a deep sleep. Alice started explaining all the adventures to her sister, who also started to dream like her.

I felt the story suddenly came to an end. But, I really enjoyed the adventures of
Alice. I was so curious to know how she will come out of the rabbit hole? I was
waiting for it to happen. I thought the full story was real. But I was shocked to know that it was only her dream.

Friends, I loved reading the adventures of Alice. I will give 4.5 out of 5 stars for this book. I enjoyed the book & and it is very thrilling. My most favourite part of the book is when Alice ate the food, she became like a giant and when she drank the juice, she became tiny. I disliked the Rabbit, as he was very rude and in a rush always. Hope you enjoyed reading with me. I recommend all of you to read at least once in lifetime.

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