Wings of Fire

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam & Arun Tiwari
Book Review: Debpriyo Bannerjee
Class: 6

This is a book which changed the vision of people, India and the whole world. This is a book which really plays into action after reading it. Many people like me really got a vision towards our path and inspiration. It is very heartwarming to read this book. Many people consider this book as their best book and this is a book which helps us in the times, we need help. This book is called The Wings of Fire.

This is book was originally written by Arun Tiwari which centers around the life of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam by who we know as the “Missile Man of India.” It tells us about the struggle of his life and his childhood. That part of the book is where many people got inspired and their visions towards their future changed. Every sentence in this book has a really good meaning and explains everything. For many people, this book has sentences which is believed to change the vision of the whole world. There is so much knowledge and good things that we can extract from this book. It gives us a detailed description on how we can achieve things by simple thoughts. It keeps us motivated and it teaches us to dream big, plan your goals, do hard work, makes a pure belief in God and dealing with positivity. It makes people have a strong faith, strong mind and a clear heart.

The part which really inspired me is that how from a poor person he became the Missile Man and the president of India and taught me a really valuable lesson. In these times where situations are hard to handle, this book helped me and many other in the world to solve the obstacles. Overall, this is an amazing book and it always stays in your heart if you read it.

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