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Children's Book Reviews
Author & Illustrator: Raina Telgemeier
Book Review By: Johanna Anton
Class: 6

This book is really recommended to students who have siblings like me. The story is totally about the small world of two sisters- Amara and Raina, their whole life was war like bond, the sisters spread hatred between each other, their parents the Telgemeier’s had to work hard to tie them but it never worked out. I had to read this book to know what is a true-sibling bonding, why do we need a sibling, and how we have to manage them. I started to use the way they were at the ending with my little brother who was more like Amara and I was exactly playing the role of Raina.

I am sure that you would really love the way the author-Raina Telgemeier uses her signature humor and charm to excite their true story. There are some tips which are not exactly shown in this book but we can understand by each and every sentence. And to make it more interesting for young readers they have made the whole book into a comic like way which can increase your vocabulary but not like the comic book we read, which don’t give any value to us. So, if you are excited to know what’s next you would have to read the book!

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