Vikram And Betaal-The Enchanted Forest

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Muddy water splashed on King Vikramaditya’s clothes. His feet were soaked. But there was no escaping the downpour of the monsoons. Vikramaditya shielded his eyes with one hand while he reached for the corpse with the other. Everything around him was wet, even the corpse! But  Vikrama did not recoil from the distasteful touch. Instead, he slung the corpse over his shoulder and stepped down to the ground gingerly. Flashes of lightning lit up the raindrops like diamonds, only to let the dark blanket the night again.

For a while, Vikrama heard nothing but the steady fall of raindrops. He waited patiently and was not disappointed when the Vampire in the corpse began. “I have to give it to you, oh king. Your sense of adventure is impressive! But are you one who knows to combine bravery and courage with common sense? Let me tell you the story of someone who didn’t know the difference.

Raji and Latha were two friends. They had been friends from childhood. Like most childhood friends, they knew almost everything about each other and still supported one another. However, Raji was older and always kept an eye on Latha. 

Raji’s cousin Sudha did not like Latha. She felt that Ra spent too much time with her friend. Raji was kind. She was considerate towards Sudha too, but Sudha was just too insecure. As they grew older, Latha noticed Sudha’s insecurity. “I don’t want to cause any trouble, especially between family members,” she thought to herself and began to meet Raji away from her home to avoid Sudha.

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