Vikram And Betaal – The Pet Kittens

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Vikram and Betaal Podcast

King Vikram wiped his face with the back of his hand on this hot and humid night. Clouds rushed above, carrying the promise of heavy showers. Foul smells rose up in the air, but he kept his resolve. “Would this be the night I bring the Vampire to the hermit?” he thought as he reached for the corpse. Vikram met the empty eyes without flinching.  “I think I’m beginning to get used to the welcoming grin of the corpse’s clenched jaw!” his lip turned up a little at that.

The corpse hung from Vikram’s shoulder as he turned towards the camp. “Don’t you ever rest, O King?” The voice began. “If you are hoping for a thank you or a word of appreciation after all this hard work, you may not get it. Are you prepared for that? In case you have any doubts, let me tell you the story of Satyen and his choice.”

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The Pet Kittens

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