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Vikram and Betaal

Darkness wrapped King Vikramaditya like a soft blanket. Even though he had marched this path many times, he still stumbled over roots, bones, and rocks. A few embers here and there gave off a feeble light, and his eyes sought the tree with the hanging corpse.

King Vikram reached for the ghastly phantom and slung it on his shoulder. He couldn’t miss the gleeful look on the vampire that peeked from the skull. But Vikrama wasn’t going to let the mockery trouble him. He began his march back to the camp with long, purposeful strides.

“And here we go again!” began the vampire. “Are you never tired of this futile task, my dear king? Do you think someone has cast an evil eye on your kingdom that makes you return to the graveyard every new moon? Do you believe that you can avoid the nasty effects of their ill wishes? Well, not every trouble is because someone casts an evil eye. Listen to my story, and you will know more.”

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Evil Eyes

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