Thatha’s Pumpkin

Children's books by Indian Authors
Author: Lalita Iyer
Illustrator: Proiti Roy
Review By: Sukumaran Chandran
Class: 4

My book is Thatha’s Pumpkin. A girl Tia is studying. Her grandfather is bringing a BIG pumpkin from farm. The pumpkin is super big. Tia is sitting on it. Thatha wants to make pumpkin halwa.

Paatti is cutting pumpkin to small pieces. Tia is putting small pumpkin in bag and giving to everyone. Thatha is looking for pumpkin but no pumpkin. Paati is having small pumpkin only. Thatha is sad but Tia and thatha go up. In the top of the house there is pumpkin for Thatha. He make pumpkin halwa.

There is party in Tia’s house and there is food with pumpkin like pumpkin sambar, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake and thatha’s pumpkin halwa.

I never eat pumpkin pie but I love to eat pumpkin halwa. I also like garden in the top of my house. I grow brinjal, tomatoes and pumpkin. It is white pumpkin, not yellow.

Thatha’s pumpkin make me very happy.

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