The Whispering Skull

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Author: Jonathan Stroud
Book Review By: Lavanya Raman
Grade: 8

The Whispering Skull is the second book in the Lockwood and Co Series. I could not put the book down. The suspense was killing me (Ha Ha!)

Lucy, Lockwood and George are becoming famous. Their last big case with the Streaming Staircase has brought them more clients. They have competition. Quill Kipps is an agent at the Fittes Agency, one of the largest psychic agencies in London. Kips and his team compete with Lockwood and the others. Lockwood gets annoyed and challenges Kips. The next time they work on the same case, the loser must take out an advert in the paper saying that they lost to the other team.

Lucy’s powers of hearing psychic noises become stronger. The skull in the basement of their house starts talking to her (and so the title of the book). She learns to focus her powers and get the skull’s help to solve the new case.

A boneglass- a mirror surrounded by bones has the power to show you the other side. The mirror goes missing soon after it is dug up. Who took it? What power does it have over George? Lockwood and his agents race to find it before Kipps and his agents.

I think the reason I like this books so much is because kids have the power to fight the ghosts. They don’t go to school to learn but have to be trained under other agents. That’s so different from our lives now. As most of the characters are children (teenagers), the way they talk, argue, fight reminds me of my friends. Of course, we are not fighting ghosts, just studies! One of my favourite characters in the book is the ghost of the skull in the jar. It is very cheeky and actually ends up helping Lucy save the others. The other ghosts are not very easy to get rid off—you can’t kill them because they are already dead. The agents have to find the source of each supernatural being and cover it with silver nets to make the ghost disappear for good. The book is deliciously creepy! Do get it and read it!

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