Ismat’s Eid

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Reading Challenge
Author: Fawzia Gilani Williams
Book Review By: Jyoti F
Grade: 3

This book is about a man who gets some presents for his family for Eid. He gets some bangals for his doter, a dupata for his mother and a burqa for his wife. He also gets some trousers for himself. But the problem was that the trousers were too big!

Ismat asked his wife to cut them but she was too busy making biryany for Eid.

Ismat asked his mother but she was busy making Sheer Korma!

Ismat went to his doter but then she said she had to make samosas and she had to take care of the baby too!

So Ismat cut his trousers insted. After he was done cutting and sowing the trousers, he folded them and left them on a table. Now he is redy for Eid too!!!

In our family, we celibrat Diwali and Christmas. We kids get toys and clothes and books. We draw cards for mom and dad, and make gifts for them. We also save our poket mony and buy gifts for them.

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