The Wednesday Bazaar

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Indian children's books
Author: Neha Singh
Illustration: Sonal Gupta
Book Review By: Sahana
Grade: 3

I read a book called The Wednesday Bazaar. It is about a girl that likes a vegitabal bazaar. The girl’s name is Bela.

One day, Bela and her mother went to the vegitabal bazaar. What happened was that in the bazaar, Bela’s shoelace came louss. So her mother tied it back. Then Bela wanted a lolli. So she asked her mother but Bela couldn’t find her mother!! She looked and looked but she still couldn’t find her mother.

The whole people who were in the bazaar knew how to help Bela find her mother. Everybody held hands and shouted out wherever Bela’s mother went. Finally Bela found her mother at the ice lolli cart. Bela ran to her mother!!! Then they went home together.

I wish I was in the book because I could easily find her mother. I could see how the town and the bazaar looks like! It is a nice book.

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