The War that Saved my Life

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CHildren's book review
Author: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Review By: Katy John
Class: 5

I read the book the War that Saved my Life and I loved it! Grownups think that children should always read happy stories because they want to protect us from difficult things in life. To tell you the truth, we kids know a lot of things because we read or because our friends tell us their stories. Reading about difficulties and sad topics will not make us depressed.  I feel that we should learn about everything that is there in the world-both good things and bad things.

In this story, Ada is a ten year old girl with a club foot. She has a brother Jamie. Their mother is a horrible woman who beats Ada and doesn’t let her out of the house because she is ashamed of Ada’s disability.

During World War II, children were evacuated from London to the countryside. At that time Ada escapes with her brother. Jamie and Ada go to live with an elderly woman called Susan Smith who didn’t want to be with kids.

It is a struggle for all of them. Susan is sad and depressed because her friend Becky died recently. Ada had such a bad experience with her mother that she is afraid of adults.  She doesn’t believe that people will be kind to her without any reason. Jamie is feeling homesick and wants to go back to the city. But Ada has never seen grass and when she finds out about Susan’s horse, she wants to stay. Magic happens when Ada learns to ride the horse. She now has a friend! Ada starts to trust Susan very slowly. In the end, when Ada’s ‘Mam’ come to see them, Who will Ada choose?

We all think that parents must always love their children. But it is not true because some parents are like Ada’s mother. The best thing I liked in this book was how Ada learns to be more confident because of Butter, the horse. It is true that animals can help struggling kids.  I would definitely recommend this book for other kids between 12-14.

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