The Titan’s Curse

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Children's Book reviews
Author: Percy Jackson
Book Review By: Mohulban Banerjee
Class: 8

In ‘The Titan’s Curse’ book of the Percy Jackson series, Percy, a Greek demigod, goes on numerous quests to defeat the Titan king, Kronos.

In this story, Percy’s friend Annabeth has gone missing, the Hunt Goddess, Artemis is captured, while a doomsday monster is rising as a threat to Olympus. Two Huntresses, a satyr, Thalia and Percy are chosen to go on this quest. While the others have volunteered since they wish to rescue the Goddess, Percy hopes he can look for his friend, Annabeth. A battle between Percy’s team and his nemesis, Luke Castellan, takes place while they rescue Artemis.
The numerous dangers they cross through and the beautiful plot of the whole story is sure to hook a reader on to this amazing book. The presence of diversity in the character’s ethnicity has impressed me.

The portrayal of characters:
It’s appreciable how the author has made an effort to write realistic characters. The main character here is actually sensible while facing a threat and gives relatable responses, unlike the usual protagonists who are ‘always all fearless’. The personality change of Nico’s character was very well depicted. From a cheerful, innocent boy who plays Mythomagic, Nico becomes grudging and insecure.

The story’s ability to make readers feel different emotions:
The tragic deaths of Zoe and Bianca will definitely leave a scar in every reader’s heart. The book has made me experience a roller-coaster of emotions. A few events will make a reader cry, while some will make them laugh. The narrator, Percy Jackson, has a great sense of humor and his sarcasm and ridiculousness will brighten any reader’s day. Rick Riordan has done an amazing job keeping the negativity and positivity of the story balanced.

The dark theme of the book fits perfectly with the depiction of its characters. The violent war was tragic but it also gave us an illustration of how strong our characters are. The powerful scene of Percy and Annabeth individually holding up the sky showed us their strength. However, one scene left me dissatisfied. At the end of the battle, Luke is pushed off the cliff while fighting which seemed pretty cliché. The typical good-guy-defeats-the-bad-guy plot. The war’s end became pretty predictable.

Nevertheless, every detail provided by the author is really satisfying. While this book is a little darker than the previous ones, it provides us a whole package of humor, anticipation and heartbreak. This book has given us many Greek references which are educating as well as entertaining. I would surely recommend this book. It can seriously help young writers to write realistic character tropes. The views of the characters are very open-minded which make them good role models for readers. Reading this book was a highly satisfying journey for me.
I genuinely appreciate the plot of the story and sincerely thank Rick Riordan for providing this masterpiece. Lastly, I quote Athena, Goddess of Wisdom,
“There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it.

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