Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Charlie and the chocolate Factory
Author: Roald Dahl
Book Review By: Nanditha
Class: 8

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by the British author Roald Dahl is a story about a boy who loves chocolates. The protagonist is Charlie Bucket and his wonderful adventure begins when he finds one of Mr. Willy Wonka’s precious golden tickets and wins a whole day inside the chocolate factory. Children of my age love chocolates more than anything else and the very title itself was enough for me to get attracted to this book.

The eleven year old Charlie Bucket loves chocolates very much, but he never gets a chance to taste a bit of chocolate, only once in a year, that is on his birthday. Bucket’s poor family lives in a small wooden house on the edge of a great town. Seven members including Charlie’s four grandparents live there, tolerating the terrible winter and freezing cold. Charlie’s father worked really hard in a toothpaste factory, but was paid less. Still Charlie’s parents saved money for his special day to buy chocolates. That day he would take a tiny nibble of chocolate just enough to allow the lovely sweetness to enter in his mouth and he will keep the rest for the next day.

Near to the house of Charlie there is a great chocolate factory, which is the Wonka’s Factory owned by Mr. Willy Wonka. All children in the world love to hear stories from their grandparents. Charlie also came to know about this most wonderful chocolate factory and the most amazing extraordinary chocolate maker in this world from his grandpa Joe.  After listening to these stories Charlie’s wish to visit the factory became true after winning the golden tickets.

The story of Grandma Josephine about a crazy Indian prince, Prince Pondicherry who made a palace of chocolate with the help of Willy Wonka, made me laugh and I really felt sorry for him for the unlucky palace that melted in a sunny day. All other character including the greedy Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde and Mike Teave helps the reader to increase our sympathy towards the poor Charlie. I really enjoyed reading this book and its end made me extremely happy because Charlie and his family got a chance to live in a better place.

The childhood dreams and the lives of different people are well treated in this novel. The narrative style by Roald Dahl is very simple and beautiful to attract the small children. I recommend this book to all children who love chocolates and have big dreams in life. This book helps to improve language skill and also entertains to the core. Charlie and the Chocolate factory is one of my favorite books that have inspired me to read more books. 

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