The Hollow Boy

Children's book review
Author: Jonathan Stroud
Review By: Lavanya Raman
Class: 8

Finally! Finally! I got to read The Hollow Boy which is the third book in the Lockwood and Co series. I am happy I’m reading these books after the whole series was published because I picked up book four right after I finished the hollow Boy.

That is how much I like the third story. It is creepier and scarier than the first two books. If you are the type who can’t sleep at night because you think about the books, then don’t read it!

Suddenly there are too many visitors from the other side (ghosts) in London and no one understands why! Of course, Lucy, Anthony and George are now very busy because lots of people call them to get rid of ghosts. Lockwood (because he is the founder of the agency) finds a secretary to help in the office.

Lockwood and George don’t think it is a big deal but Lucy hates Holly. I think the problem is because Holly is so irritating. She is always dressed nicely, is ready to do all kinds of work and  she puts things away after using them. Lucy is the opposite. You know THAT kind of a person IS annoying.

You know how sometimes your friends bring another person into the group and you feel like they did it behind your back? And that person is always trying to be in everything your group does! That is Holly! I can understand why Lucy hates her. But my favourite thing about this series is the adventure and action and not all that sentimental stuff. I don’t want there to be any romantic nonsense between Lucy and Lockwood. So I am a little annoyed that Lucy is acting jealous. Why can’t the author make it a straight action series without romance?

In this book, Lucy starts to explore her talent of talking to ghosts. She talks to the skull in the ghost jar regularly. That skull is amazing by, the way. I hope it is there until the end of the series. I’m beginning to loke the skull even more than I like Lucy! Lockwood is worried that talking to spirits may be dangerous for Lucy and all the others. He tells Lucy and George about his family. But Lucy wants to be more independent because she thinks her talent can help explain the mysteries.

The end has a shocking twist but I’m glad I have book four right next to me! Lucy leaves Lockwood and CO. What is she going to do? What about the team? I’m going to read The Creeping Shadow while you read my review and get book 3!

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