The G-MAN Super Journal Awesome Origins

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Chris Giarrusso
Book Review by: Henrick Raphael. J
Grade : 3

“When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let it go.” -Carol Burnett.

If you are an ardent fan of superheroes and have a super cool squadron of school friends you need to take a nose dive into this – The G- Man Super Journal Awesome Origins written by Chris Giarrusso. It is the first book of The G Man series in which an ordinary kid aspires to become a Superhero. This graphic novel is loved by people of all ages. Graphic novel is a format like comics yet different from it. They represent sequential art to tell a story. Graphic novels are generally stand-alone stories.

 Michael-G known fondly as “G -Man” aspires to become a Superhero. He adores Captain Thunderman and so does his brother David-G. Mrs. Rosario suggests to write about somebody whom they admire and naturally Michael-G writes about Thunderman. Captain Thunderman is the city’s greatest champion and the officially sanctioned superhero representative of the city. He is – super strong, invulnerable. He can fly and carries awesome lightning bolt like Zeus. It brings back images of Thor – the God of Thunder from Avengers, Marvel Universe.

Everyone in Michael-G’s school wants to be named like Superheroes – Billy called as Billy D Man, Brian called as Sunny Boy Brian, Curtis called as Sparky, Jen Goodwell as Princess Roja, Grace as Zula or Blue Girl, Sheila as Princess Dena.

What an awesome unity the kids displayed when they fought tooth and nail with Mister Mental – Sparky using super speed, Billy attacking with his fire-breathing trick, Sunny hitting him with solar blasts made Mister Mental lose his balance.

This book is entertaining and fuels my love for Superheroes. It expands my imagination of the new G- Man Universe. It is loaded with fun, fantasy and freaky costumes. Chris Giarrusso has added a pinch of Greek mythology stories too with reference to Colorius and Minotaur.

The part I like in this book is when the super team-up defeated the biggest villain in the city, Mister Mental and became friends with Captain Thunderman after a brief misunderstanding. So, this summer grab the G- Man Super Journal and dive into the world of Superheroes.

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