That Magical Skill Called Phonics!

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Today’s episode is on that element of reading marketed as the magical skill that even your two-year-old must attend a camp to learn…sorry. I got carried away there. I love Phonics; I really do. It is just the camps for two-year-olds that get me going silly.

Before I go on about Phonics, I want to talk about a seven-year-old who used to come for my classes. The kids would pick up books to read during the break while I got some snacks and such.  When she first joined, this child started reading aloud, “T-h-e=the, b-a-l-l=ball, i-s=is, i-n=in, t-h-e=the, w-a-t-e-r=water.

Have you seen kids read like that? Why do you think that is? Hmm? I’ll talk about this again as we go through this podcast.  Let’s see if you figured out what was happening with that child!

That Magical Skill Called Phonics

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