The Midnight Gang

Book reviews by children
Author: David Walliams
Illustrator: Tony Ross
Review By: Atharv Gupta
Grade: 5

The Midnight Gang is a fun and a must read novel by sir David Walliams in which a boy named Tom who is a twelve year old and goes to a Posh boarding school ends up in the Lord Funt Hospital, as he hurt his head in a cricket match. He makes some friends in the children’s ward of the hospital, and becomes a part of their self made gang “The Midnight Gang”.

Tom has lots and lots of fun and adventures with his friends, Amber, George, Robin and Sally, not in the morning, not in the afternoon, nor in the evening, instead at midnight. This story is all about true friendship. I liked the porter and the members of the Midnight Gang as their adventures are based on making the diagnosed childrens’ dreams come true and make them
hopeful. I would rate this novel 5 stars.

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