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Author: Raina Telgemeier
Book Review by Ankita Patel
Grade: 8

My friends talked a  lot about this graphic novel that I couldn’t wait to read it. I could connect with it because it shows you something that a lot of us teenagers have to deal with.

Raina is in sixth grade. (The book is based on the author’s experiences.) She falls down and damages her two front teeth and she has to get braces! The book is about what happens until her teeth are fixed and her smile is beautiful.

Many of my classmates wear braces. We get teased a lot by those who don’t. Adults are always advising us that looks don’t matter but then they are the first to ask questions about our looks. “Why do you wear glasses? Why do you wear braces? When will it come off?” If you don’t wear braces and your teeth are crooked or stick out, people ask you questions about that too! I can’t imagine what people would say if we actually damage our teeth! This book is honest about why Raina feels self conscious.   I think that is why we all like this book.

Okay, there is some stuff about boys and kissing and all that. But you know what? We girls talk about stuff like that even if it is not in a book! The art is nice too. It makes it easy to read.

 I recommend the book strongly.

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