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Indian STory POdcasts

Preparing to Record:

  • If possible, record in the morning before the bustling noises of traffic and cooking surround us.
  • Find a quiet place, like a small room or clothes closet. If possible, cover the walls and floor with blankets. Covered walls minimize the echo and make for better sound quality.
  • Turn off the fan, AC, and anything else that causes a humming noise. If you are recording in a room with windows, please close them to minimize the outside noise.
  • If you have a tab, open the document with your writing on the tab. It eliminates the page-turning noise. If you are reading the podcast from a paper, please don’t speak when you turn the page.
  • Be aware of quiet movements like pushing your hair, shifting positions in the chair, turning the page. Please don’t speak when you engage in these movements if you must do these.
  • Drink water before you speak.
  • Wear headphones and plug them into your phone. Speak into the microphone: do not keep it too close to the mouth, or your speech will not be very clear.


  • You can use the recording app on your phone or download a free app called Voice Recorder (both apple and android phones have this app).                
  • Wait silently for two minutes (after you hit the record button) before you start to speak.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. If your speech is fast, your words can become jumbled while editing.
  • If you make a mistake, that’s okay. Just repeat the sentence, and we will edit the errors.
  • We understand that parents may help their child record. We can edit your prompts or directions as long as they do  not overpower your child’s voice. Please be mindful not to speak when your child is speaking.

Please email the file to submissions@forallourkids.com

Thank you!

If you have any questions, please write to us at submissions@forallourkids.com or WhatsApp @8148757336

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