I Imagined a World

Children's poetry

by Anshuman Nagpal

Grade: 7

It was a horrible, gloomy day,
I looked out of the window and saw nothing but dismay.
Sad, I started to drink my tea,
And then an amazing thought came to me.
I imagined a world,
Beautiful, a world full of hope.
A world that is not divided,
But joined together, and united.
A world of equality,
Where everyone is fair.
A world with no discrimination,
Where no one compares.
A world without war,
Without guns, missiles, and bombs
A world which celebrates humanity,
And certainly not insanity.
A world where there is a balance,
Between Mother Nature and us.
Where one does not try to over-power the other,
And be unjust.
A world where people live in happiness.
With peace and harmony.
A world where we extend our hands to all those in need,
A kind world, one not of tyranny.
As I returned to my normal state,
And snapped out of an unconscious gaze,
I began to wonder how I could better the world,
For the rest of my days.

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