I Need a New Butt!

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Reading Challenge
Author: Dawn McMillan
Illustration: Ross Kinnaird
Book Review By: Rashmi Chopra
Grade: 3

I never read a book like this before. There is a little boy in the story. When the boy looks in the miror he sees he has a crack in his butt. He tries to think how he got the butt crack. Did he crack it when he was playing in the water slide or when he jumped? Then he thinks that his butt cracked when he farted!

And then the boy tries to get a new butt without a crack. He thinks he can have a butt made of metal. Then he thinks of a butt with lots of colours because he can paint on it. He also has lights on his butt.

It is a wiurd book because I never read a book about butts before. My aunt gave this book to my brother because he always makes butt jokes after reading Captain Underpants. My brother likes it a lot and now I don’t mind reading it too.

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