Big Rain

Tulika Books
Author: Gayathri Bashi
Illustrator: T. R. Rajesh
Review By: K Manian
Class: 4

I read the book Big Rain. It is my younger sister’s book but the pictures made me read it too.

There was a lot of rain and people and animals got wet in the town and farm. They ran to their homes, but the rain did not stop. There was too much water in the river and the water came to the towns. So people were scared and climbed on trees. Some people went to the terrace and also to the roof.

But the rain did not stop, and more water was on the road and farms. People carried the children, people carried the animals! That way they don’t have to swim in the water. They took them to the boats. Lots of people lost their clothes and other things in the water because the water came into the houses. So everybody was all very sad.

Then a nice thing happened and lots and lots of people came to help everyone. They carried them in the water, doctors and nurses gave medicine to the sick people. Children also helped. They brought books and clothes and food. So even though people were sad, they were also hoping to get better.

Whatever the artist drew in the book I saw in the news. The water was in the houses and the roads were all blocked. Cars and buses were floating. Lots of people have lost their homes. We collected clothes and rice and lentils for out watchman’s family and his neighbours. It happens like this because we have to take care of our planet. Climate change is a big problem and if we don’t take care of our earth, it will not get better.

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