Anne of Green Gables

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Book reviews by children
Author: L M Montgomery
Review By: Sheel Jain
Grade: 7

My book review is about Anne of Green Gables written by LM Montgomery. This book is about Anne Shirley.

What is so special about Anne? Well, Anne is a red headed and talkative girl who is also an orphan. She ends up living with the an old couple who are brother and sister. They are the Cuthberts.

How did Anne end up living with the Cuthberts? In the olden days, when people wanted help on their farm or at home, they wrote to orphanages and asked for boys or girls to come live with them. The Cuthberts asked for a boy to help them on the farm, but they got Anne instead.

Did the Cuthberts send Anne away? No they didn’t. Matthew, the brother, doesn’t want to send Anne back and Marilla, the sister is more practical. But Anne is so different for them and she wins their hearts. So, she stays. The book is about how they grow into a family.

It is a very cheerful book, and you can’t help liking Anne. She is very brave. I have read this book before. This year I am close friends with someone who is adopted. Now when I read Anne of Green Gables, it makes me think more about Anne’s feelings. She must have been so scared that the Cuthberts would send her back! Even when she stayed with them, she had to learn so many new things! It is a good book to read. 

Did you know that the author LM Montgomery also lost her parents when she was little. She grew up with her grandparents. But somebody in her family wrote to an orphanage for a boy but got a girl instead! There is a real house called Green Gables! I would like to see it one day.

I am planning on reading all the other books in this series. You will also enjoy reading this book if you like funny characters and history.

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