The Way Back Home

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Book Reviews by children
Author and Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
Review By: Shabnam M
Grade: 2

I read a book called The Way Back Home. It’s about a little boy who was puting his things away and then he found a red airplane! So he cleaned the plane and trned on the engin. The boy flew up up and up. Then suddenly the boy ran out of fuel. So the plane slowed down and now the boy is stuck on the moon.

And he was all alone antil someone els crashed to the Moon with a bump. When there eyes got used to the darck with the boys knew they wernt alone. They worked on each athers planes. The boy went right back to erth to get things they mite need to fix the plane and when he got home he was very tiured so he sat on his couch and started watching t.v. Suddenly he rimembered what he should be doing so he got the supplies and rushed out and climbed a mountain and called out. The other boy threw a rope and he climbed up a rope back to the Moon. Both of them got to work and they worked and worked. Finaly they had to say goodbye to each other and wonderd if they’ll meet again.

My favrit part was when the boys wer scared of the darck and saw each ather. It was nice to make a frend and not be alone. My mom told me that the bumps on the moon are kratrs. But the drawing is like cartoon moon. I think the red plane looked like it was the first plane invented for Amelia Earhart.

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