Shabana and the Baby Goat

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Children's book review
Author: Samina Mishra
Illustrator: Rohini Pochont
Review By: Chandrika Selvan

I red the buk Shabana and the Baby Goat.

In this buk, there is a smal girl, Shabana. The mothr goat had a baby goat when Shabana was four years old. The goat name is Kajri.

Shabana and Kajri are best frands. Kajri always wants to be with Shabana. Kajri grows and grows and grows becase she is always eating. She likes to eat everything, even the vegetabls in the house. One day wen Shabana went to the coching class, Kajri ate teecher auntys burka! Wen Shabhana went to skool, Kajri came and ate Masterjis buk.

All the grown-ups in the villag wer upset with Kajri. So Shabanas amma loked the goat. Wen Shabana was going to skool, she saw Ramu Kakka pulling grass outside the tempel. So Shabana had an idia and asked Ramu Kaka for permishon. Kajri had lots of grass to eat outside the tempel and she didn’t eat other pepel’s things.

Kajri is like Mary’s little lamb becas she followed Shabana evriwer. But it is also diferent because Kajri is a black goat. My favrit part was wen Kajri at Masterjis buk. The kids wer lafing in the class becos Masterji can’t teach anymore. I wish I can take my pet kitten to the skool. But my kitten dosn’t like to eat paper.

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