The Secret Explorers and the Tomb Robbers

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Author: S J King
Book Review By: P. Tarika
Class: 5

About the Author: SJ King loves museums, libraries, and building machines from scrap. SJ King can usually be found exploring.

Main characters in this story:

  • Gustavo
  • Kiki
  • The tomb robbers
  • Bek

In this story, my favourite character is Gustavo because he is the history explorer and knew more about Egypt. He solves the mystery of The Great Pyramid of Giza by his artistic mind.

Summary of the Book:

This story is about two secret explorers, Kiki and Gustavo, who go to ancient Egypt and stop the tomb robbers from stealing the Pharoah’s treasure. On the way, they came across Bek and got help with his hieroglyphics.

About  the explorers:

Kiki is an engineering explorer, and she helps Gustavo with her ideas. Gustavo is a history explorer and finds the crypt of the pyramid.

My personal experience reading this book was virtuous and was so enjoyable. I loved this book, and I enhanced my vocabulary and learnt more about Egypt!

I would recommend this book to my friends who like to learn more about history like Gustavo.

In this story, I like chapter 4, “The Secret Code.” It was absorbing.

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