The Haunted House

By Abhisikta Dey

There was a house. Everyone said that is a haunted house. Who go there will never come back again. Once there was a brave boy wanted to go to the haunted house. He was very excited to go there.

But when he reached to the haunted house he became very nervous. He reached in front of the gate. Suddenly the gate opened with a creaking sound. He walked until he reached the room. When he reached there he saw nothing in the room.

He wished to take a photograph of that place. So he placed his mobile camera focused on the wall he saw a woman with white hair ,wearing a white gown stood in front of the wall. But when he shifted his camera he saw nothing. Then he placed the camera again and saw that lady staring at him and laughing. The boy became scared. Suddenly he ran away but the gate closed. He fainted and fell on the ground. Next morning when he opened his eyes he saw himself in his room. From that day he never thought to go to that haunted house.

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