The Girl Who Wore Too Much

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Retold By: Margaret Read MacDonald
Thai Text By: Supaporn Vathanaprida
Illustrator: Yvonne Lebrun Davis
Book Review By: Vanitha Vyas
Grade: 3

This story is a folktale from Thailand. The book has both English and Thai words.

In this story, there is a girl named Aree. Aree’s mother and father gave her lots of things. They got her lots of gold bangles and necklaces. They also got her many clothes.

Aree wanted to go to a dance with her friends. Aree didn’t know what to wear because she liked all her dresses.  First, she wore the pink dress. But she liked her green dress also. Then she wore the green dress on top of the pink dress. But she got confused because she liked all the other dresses. So she wore all those dresses at the same time. She saw in the mirror and thought “I look very beautiful” and she was very happy.

After that Aree wore her bracelet and necklace. But she liked all the jwelleri. So she wore all the bracelets and necklaces.

Her friends came and took her to the dance. But it was a hill and it was hard for Aree to climb up the hill. Her friends told her to take off some clothes and some jwelleri. But Aree got angry with them and shouted saying ‘you are jealus because I am beautiful.’ So they left her and went to the dance.

Aree was on the hill all day. She felt hot and tired. Then her friends came back from the dance and saw her. They felt bad for her and told her parents. Her parents came and helped Aree. After that time Aree did not wear so many clothes again.

Aree is silly but I felt bad for her also. She was all alone on the hill when her friends were dancing. She missed all the fun. My mother dosent let me buy everything or wear everything. Why didn’t her parents say no to her?

The Thai letters look like language from some other states. It has many curvy letters.

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